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About Biederlack:

Feeling home – our products guarantee you this feeling. High-quality snuggle blankets, plaids and cushions make your home an even better place – even more snuggly and comfortable.
By combining quality, design and functionality, we have been setting standards for more than 130 years and turn every single one of our blankets into a favourite piece thanks to our passion, knack for creativity and a sprinkle of curiosity. Our quality standards are deeply rooted in our history. We work hard every day to offer our customers quality at affordable prices by optimising our entire value chain, building long-term relationships with our suppliers and investing in our fully integrated production process in Greven (Germany).
Feeling good is another important component of our company culture: we produce in a sustainable and responsible manner by protecting people, the environment and valuable resources.
“Our passion creates that wonderful feeling – the feeling of being at home.”

Comfort of tradition
Biederlack’s history spanning more than 130 years is a success story now in it’s fourth generation. A clear strategic focus, well thought-out investments in the Greven site and passion for our products have enabled us to successfully expand our market position.

Quality and design
Not only are blankets by Biederlack an individual expression of personality, they are also a quality statement – made in Germany.
Our design team puts its heart and soul into the design of our unique collections. That’s why they radiate so much personality and love.
Our woven blankets are manufactured during a fully-integrated production process by more than 150 employees in Germany at the Greven site. For all customers across the globe.
In the process, we not only focus on our products, but also on how they are made. We are very particular when it comes to the materials we use. They need to be high-quality but also environmentally friendly and ethically produced – like our entire production process.
All of our complementary products meet these high standards. Achieving utmost sustainability is what drives us.

Fully integrated process in Germany
We dye the flock, spin it into yarn, weave the yarn into blankets and then refine and process them. From purchasing the raw material to delivering goods, all processes take place at the Greven site. This allows us to have the greatest possible influence on all factors of production and maximum flexibility in product development and design.
We meet individual customer demands within a very short period.

Our responsibility
A key component of our company culture is sustainable, responsible production that protects people, the environment and valuable resources. This includes various measures relating to energy policy, such as operating in a environmentally and energy concious manner and the environmental statement of our company.
We take a green approach to product development: Our Recover blanket is a true upcycling product – consisting of 52% recycled cotton and 48% recycled polyester.

Social responsibility
Cotton made in Africa
Since 2005, the Cotton made in Africa initiative has set out to improve the living conditions of cotton farmers in sub-Saharan Africa on a sustainable basis. Involvement is not based on donations, but rather on the principle of helping others to help themselves through trade: Experts teach the African small farmers efficient and environmentally friendly cultivation methods during agricultural training courses. At the same time, an international alliance of textile companies is built that creates a demand for the raw material Cotton made in Africa and pays a licence fee for the use of the associated signet. The proceeds from the licence fee are reinvested in the project regions of sub-Saharan Africa, following the mechanisms of a social business. Biederlack is on board.