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2020 Furniture Style Guide

By IFHS Team | Dec 19, 2019

Top 5 Furniture Design Trends/Colours for 2020

As we turn over to a New Year, retail customers are always interested in making a fresh start by upgrading their home. Upgrading can be financially intensive, so your customers will not purchase on a whim. With some creativity, it is was to transform and revitalize a home without the need for a full interior makeover. This is where furniture comes in handy because upgrading from a traditional sofa, table, or bed to a modern luxurious and trendy design can revitalize living spaces immensely.

Furniture is an integral part of the home and has the bigget impact on life. Any out-of-place piece can undermine comfort and relaxation in a space. We analyzed the top 5 furniture trends for 2020 to enable you to make informed decisions before your next buying cycle and ensure your store is head of the trends.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Currently, environmental protection through sustainable consumption of the scarcely available resources is a major concern for consumers, who are the trend-setters. To attract consumers, a majority of brands will offer various pieces and set of furniture made from recycled or reclaimed materials. Furniture pieces made from reclaimed wood and linen recycled from different sorts of textiles will set the trend in 2020. The inventive designs of eco-friendly pieces of furniture will advance your customers’ trendiness while they to contribute to global efforts in the protection of the environment and the fight against climate.

Eco-friendly furniture pieces will be incorporated into living spaces along with natural elements from the environment advancing an emerging trend known as biophilia. Incorporating human design and organic elements such as in-house flowers will enhance the naturalist aesthetic value of homes, creating a trendy but serene environment.

Velvet Sofas

Even though the red holster velvet is a turn-off, advances in technology have enabled the manufacture of high-quality velvets for sofas and bed headboards. The most common velvets used in furniture include crushed velvet, deep pile, and matte, which are not only liveable but offer a high level of luxurious indulgence. In 2020, the adoption of velvet into furniture is expected to increase even further. According to the Independent, the popularity of velvet sofas has increased based on a spike of 58% year-on-year in searches for this type of furniture with some major retailers witnessing an increase of 500%. Additionally, searches for velvet wallpaper has spiked by over 1000% year-on-year. The popularity of velvet sofas is expected to continue and set the trend for 2020.

Velvet is growing in popularity because it strikes a perfect balance between luxury while being highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. In terms of finishes, velvet offers a wide array of choices, both for sofas and bed headboards. It is also expected that sofa legs will shift from brass bases to classy wooden legs. Brass bases are poor shock absorbers reducing comfort, but wooden legs can absorb shocks more effectively, increasing comfort. Wooden bases offer a high level of sophistication as well as practicality because you don’t want to leave scratch marks on any beautiful floor every time the furniture is moved around.

Velvet sofa (

Sofas are among the most-used items in homes and the third most expensive purchase a consumer makes after their home and their card. This means its a more complext buying decision for hte end user. 


Geometric and Abstract Furniture Designs

It is next to impossible not to notice the ever-expanding and increasing adoption of geometrically straight-lined design patterns not just in furniture, but interior décor as a whole. From high-stools to sofas and beds, geometric and abstract patterns have been adopted extensively. Despite the undeniable fact that geometric patterns are trendy, extensive adoption into every aspect of the home, including plates and cups, increases the threat of ‘over-doing it.’ To avoid this design fail, you can try to strike a balance by contrasting non-geometric patterns against geometric furniture. For example, you can place brightly colored throw pillows on the sofa to draw attention to the area it is set. An elegant silhouette and clean straight lines allow furniture pieces with geometric designs to work with most interior décor styles. In 2020, geometric furniture designs will focus more on classic contemporaries with not-so-busy patterns. Furniture trends of 2020 will be about striking a perfect, strategic geometric balance.  

Multi-Purpose Pieces

According to research by LABC Warranty, congestion in cities, towns, and other urban areas has contracted average square area of urban houses by 32%. To adapt to a decrease in the living area, the preference of urban dwellers is increasingly shifting away from stand-alone pieces and towards multi-purpose furniture to reduce wastage of the tight living spaces. Reduction in the square area of homes in urban areas is expected to continue in 2020 with the increase in rural-urban migration. Among the multi-purpose furniture designs expected to trend includes beds designed to double as dressers and tables with drawers, which can be used as a workspace or as a dinner table. This trend will be advanced mostly by students on campuses away from home and single bachelors and bachelorettes.       

A piece of dream furniture should be affordable not only in the short-run as the purchasing price but also in the long-run by reducing the need to spend more on accessories. Something you can use without the need for expensive cushions, pillows, or other accessories to attain the luxurious look you seek.

Colour Rich

In terms of colors, sofas in 2020 will feature jewel tones such as mauve, deep emerald greens, ruby, muted blue, and midnight blues set against the backdrop of cool neutral fades in serene or classic shades of the walls. This will allow you to move around the pieces or include pieces with different tones and create a statement in any room. Bold jewel tones can transform and elevate any piece of furniture regardless of whether it is traditional or modern style by adding a fresh and trendy feel to their design.

Another expected trend in 2020 is the use of gold accents on pieces or parts of furniture. Various shades of gold accents applied in small pieces of furniture such as drawer handles, sofa bases, or as trimming of table edges act as an accessory adding a shiny surface in a neutral interior. As homes shift toward neutral shades for the interiors, gold accents on furniture pieces are expected to trend to splash a dash of opulence in homes. Shiny surfaces are increasing visual space, creating an illusion of brightness, airiness, and freshness in any living room. Gold hues on throw pillows placed on the bed can transform any bedroom from a dull space to warm and inviting.


The Tuxedo Sofa Style
One of the most popular velvet sofa designs that will trend in 2020 is the Tuxedo style sofas. Tuxedo sofas offer clean lines as previously not geometric design, which can revamp your living room instantly. The style not only blends with most interior décor but is usually built with velvet allowing your sofa to adhere to the trend. They are deep-seated, which is another trend expected to continue through to 2020.

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